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Eminent Domain

Tampa Lawyer Handling Florida Eminent Domain Cases Statewide

You may have heard the term “eminent domain” without thinking much about its meaning — until you encountered it in a letter about your land. If you live in the state of Florida and received government notice that your home or any portion of your property will be taken for public development, it is critical to contact a qualified lawyer.

You probably do have to sell your land, but you do not have to simply accept the government’s offer. In fact, this is a rare legal situation in which the government will pay your lawyer fees and the fees of the most qualified experts available to build your case for a more favorable valuation.

Total Takes — Partial Takes — Severance and Business Damages

Lawyer Eric T. Taylor, based in Tampa a former Florida Assistant Attorney General, is intensely familiar with Florida eminent domain law. He has handled numerous cases with millions of dollars at stake. Our legal team has the knowledge and resources to help you obtain full, fair compensation whether an eminent domain action involves:

  • A total or partial take of your land
  • Agricultural, residential or commercial property
  • Development projects that create business damages — such as a loss of parking or accessibility for your place of business

Enlisting Proven Experts to Build Your Case for a Better Price

Advocacy in eminent domain cases is a clear strength of our Tampa Law firm. We are prepared to step in and defend your property owners' rights in a dispute anywhere, statewide in Florida. To support our efforts to get you maximum compensation for your land, we bring in specialists from across Florida and throughout the USA, including:

  • Real estate inspectors who conduct extremely thorough evaluations and offer informed, detailed reports
  • Engineers, land planners, zoning experts and others essential to establishing your land's viability for a higher-value use, such as a commercial or multifamily development
  • Arborists and others able to value unique features of your property

You Have More Power Than You May Think

A land take under eminent domain is an intimidating situation. If you want representation by a proven black attorney, contact the Tampa Law Office of Eric T. Taylor, P.A. either online or by calling 813-259-4444. We welcome clients from all backgrounds and all walks of life, and we have several fluent Spanish speakers on our staff.